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Board of Directors Meeting
Date:  November 29, 2018
Time:  7:00 p.m.
Location: Santa Margarita Community Room, 2 Civic Center Drive, Scotts Valley, CA  95066


California Department of Water Resources Finalizes $85.8 Million in Grants for Local SMGA Implementation

(April 4, 2018) by the California Department of Water Resources: The California Department of Water Resources on April 4 released the following statement regarding grant decisions for groundwater sustainability projects and the development of Groundwater Sustainability Plans by local agencies. Read more.

The Santa Margarita Groundwater Agency has selected Hydrofocus to evaluate and make recommendations for upgrades to the existing Santa Margarita Groundwater Model, for use in developing a Groundwater Sustainability Plan for the Santa Margarita Groundwater Basin.

HydroFocus, Inc.

The Santa Margarita Groundwater Agency has selected California State University Sacramento to assist with the joint goal-setting process that will help establish a solid foundation for the planning work that will be required during the Groundwater Sustainability Plan development effort of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.

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