Basin Geologic Map

During the September 2019 Board of Directors meeting, SMGWA Consultants demonstrated specialized software used to construct a geological map of our Basin. Multiple requests were received for the software and files used for this presentation, as they provide a very detailed (and interesting) map of the San Lorenzo and Scotts Valley areas.

In July of 2020, a significantly more detailed version of the updated file was released, and that version is available for download.

The file can be downloaded via DropBox by clicking this link.

The software used to open and view this file is the Leapfrog Viewer. It can be downloaded free of charge by clicking this link.

You can view an audio recording of the 9-26-2019 Board of Directors Meeting by clicking here.

Please note that this file uses 3rd party software and that SMGWA is not responsible for any technical issues that may arise.