Water Education Series – Workshop 1
Land Use and Water:  How Much Does Growth Matter?

Watch seven presentations from the workshop here.

Land Use Planning in California – How is it Done?,Tom Burns, Retired – Santa Cruz County Planning  Director
Paia Levine Presentation, County of Santa Cruz, Assistant Planning Director
Sarah Fleming Presentation, City of Santa Cruz, Principal Planner, Planning & Community Development
Taylor Bateman Presentation, City of Scotts Valley, Community Development Director
Land Use and Water Supply: Looking Ahead the Next 20 Years, Toby Goddard, Water Conservation Manager, City of Santa Cruz




Water Education Series – Workshop 2
Water Budgets: How Do We Balance All Needs?

Santa Margarita Groundwater Basin and Sustainable Groundwater Management, John Ricker, Water Resources Division Director, County of Santa Cruz
Santa Margarita Groundwater Basin Hydrogeology and Water Budget, Georgina King, P.G., C.Hg. Montgomery & Associates and John Fio EKI Environment & Water, Inc.
Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems, Jennifer Michelsen, Environmental Programs Manager, San Lorenzo Valley Water District
National Marine Fisheries Service West Coast Region, Jonathan Ambrose, Salmon Reintroduction Coordinator, California Central Valley Office
Local Efforts to Improve Stream Flows and Aquatic Ecosystems, Chris Coburn, Deputy Director, City of Santa Cruz Water Department
Surface Water/Groundwater Interactions Under SGMA, Sierra Ryan,  Water Resources Planner, County of Santa Cruz