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Board members:

Bruce McPherson, County of Santa Cruz Robin Musitelli, County of Santa Cruz (alternate)
John Leopold, County of Santa Cruz
Doug Engfer, City of Santa Cruz David Baskin, City of Santa Cruz (alternate)
Donna Lind, City of Scotts Valley Jack Dilles, City of Scotts Valley (alternate)
Chuck Baughman, San Lorenzo Valley Water District Eric Hammer, San Lorenzo Valley Water District (alternate)
Gene Ratcliffe, San Lorenzo Valley Water District
Chris Perri, Scotts Valley Water District Danny Reber, Scotts Valley Water District (alternate)
Ruth Stiles, Scotts Valley Water District
Dale Pollock, Mt. Hermon Association Bryan Hayes, Mt. Hermon Association (alternate)
Angela Franklin, Well Owner Representative Edan Cassidy, Well Owner Representative (alternate)
Nick Vrolyk, Well Owner Representative


Support staff:

Piret Harmon, Scotts Valley Water District John Ricker, County of Santa Cruz
Brian Lee, San Lorenzo Valley Water District

The Santa Margarita Basin is expected to receive the condition prioritization ranking from DWR in early 2018 – that will determine the deadline for groundwater sustainability plan (GSP) adoption. The plan must address the needs of all groundwater uses and users: environmental, municipal, private, tribal, etc.

The Sustainable Management Criteria Best Management Practice document is being developed by DWR and is currently out for public review. While it is up to the individual GSAs to determine what constitutes groundwater sustainability and how to achieve it for their basin, it is established that the plan needs to address how to avoid undesirable results: surface water depletion, reduction of storage, degraded quality, seawater intrusion, land subsidence and lowering groundwater level.